Crazy Snips
Much more than just ordinary autopsy snips.
We've all found places that are hard to reach. Well, not any more, these pincers can get in ANYWHERE.
Value Twin-Pack
One for you, one for mum.
Home Autopsy in a Case
Take it when visiting friends!
The Home Autopsy
Four Piece Combo
Includes - Mini Bonk, The Twister, The Scrape & another thing.
Adjustable Bonk
Literally puts you in the driver's seat.
Home Autopsy Novelty Set.
Can perform over 30 novelty autopsy tricks.
Autopsy Scissors.
The holes where you put your fingers through are BLUE!
Replacement Autopsy Blades.
For when you break your original blade (which can happen.)
The Remarkable Nip-&-Stay.
It nips and stays nipped. Amaze everyone.
Value Gift Pack.
Contains saw, hammer & useful stick.






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