The Director
Australia Post
Dear Sir.

I had a fantastic idea in the shower this morning and I think you'd be crazy not to want to get involved. It would need investors and I immediately thought of you. (You will see why in a minute.) I really think this would be right up your alley. This is what it is.
I am thinking of starting a new e-mail service - Nostalgia Mail. It's e-mail but it's like the postal service in that messages can take 1 to 5 days to get to you, sometimes longer. Periodically they will disappear without trace. Also sometimes the message will look like it has become soaked by rain and will be smudgy and hard to read. It will cost fifty cents an e-mail to send. If there are attachments it will cost more, depending on the weight and oftentimes the attachment will arrived smashed.
I think this will be very, very cool and quite a good little money-spinner.
Please write soon re your thoughts on this as, quite honestly, I am so excited I can hardly keep still.

Yours sincerely,

Paris Portingale