The Manager
Lucas Heights Nuclear Facility
Dear Sir.

Do you run tours of your establishment and if so do you have a shop where you can buy souvenirs? It would make sense because it seems to be the thing now for establishments that run tours to sell souvenirs. I recently visited the Hill End gold mining area and bought a souvenir of some fools gold. (More fool me, eh.) The reason I ask is that I would be interested in buying a small souvenir piece of uranium as I believe uranium glows in the dark and would be a lot of fun. Using some aluminium foil and the centre out of a toilet roll I propose to make a never-ending torch. I would never have to buy torch batteries again. I have the foil and toilet roll centre already, so now all I need is the piece of uranium and I'm in business. If you don't run tours, or do run them and don't have a shop, or you do have a shop and don't sell souvenirs of uranium, then could you please tell me if you know of anything else that glows in the dark as I really think a never-ending torch would be a great deal fun and because of the no batteries side of things, would also be a bonanza for the environment.

Yours sincerely
Paris Portingale